Your teen’s first day of work, fun or fiasco?

So Olivia finally started her first day at work at Publix. We have her uniform tops and her Gap pants of course, and she is ready to go to work.  So why am I nervous for her? Is it because I hope she does well or that she doesn’t screw up and get in trouble? Probably all of the above huh? Well, she only went for two hours and she seemed to have a good first day. YAY!

Last Sunday I had to bring her into work and do my own grocery shopping as well. I kinda felt awkward seeing her work, but then, I looked at her from afar and realized she really is growing up.

She is no longer the 3 or 4-year-old that would help me shop at that same grocery store.  At the same time,  I thought of all the “fun stuff” that is yet to come like driving, dating, parties  etc.. So for now, I’m taking one milestone at a time and taking deep breaths every time.

Today, she took her job seriously and was being responsible and respectable, and for that I am thankful. Tomorrow is another day in the life and adventures of raising a teen.

I am very proud of Olivia and the fact that she wants to work at 14. I know many of her friends that are her age and older who don’t work and don’t plan on it. I am trying to teach Olivia that nothing in life is given to you, it must be earned by honest, hard work, whether it be grades, making money or a finding a job. It builds character and great foundation for your future.

I hope she continues to do well and can balance her work, school and soccer. I know I will be right behind her all stressed and wanting to help her balance it all. But I also know that she needs to do it on her own and ask me for help if she needs it.  It is part of growing up both for me and her!

So, tell me, what stories do you have of your teens first day of work — fun or fiasco?

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