Your teen is back from vacation… happy or sad?

So Olivia came back from her 3 week NY vacation with family and I was all ready for the drama that happened last year at the airport; crying, “I hate Florida” and “I want to live in New York” comments.  I was ready to feel not missed, not loved and overlooked. But, Instead, what came off the plane was a happy blonde highlighted 15-year-old with a big smile and hug for mom! I missed her and I couldn’t wait to hug her and have her feel how much I missed and love her through my hug. Enjoy the moment I kept thinking.

I loved her new look, her blonde highlights and her dark tan. I was happy to see her smiling and how happy she seemed to be home. Keep in mind, I know she cant wait to see her girlfriend Erica and all her other friends the second the car pulls in the driveway. I was never so grateful for her friends making her want to come home. I will take what I can get.

In the car,  we talked and talked. I was absorbing every happy moment with her and so appreciating her opening up to me. After much discussion with her, come to find out, life with mom and dad isn’t so bad once you stay with other people for 3 weeks. Ah.. my plan worked!! What better way to appreciate what you have then to be away from it for 3 weeks!!

I have to admit the last 3 weeks the house has been quiet, her room immaculate and no fighting with her brother… heaven. I felt so guilty though but, I’m sure she felt the same way about us in NY! Is it bad that I felt happy she was away for my own personal peace? I needed the 3 week vacation!! LOL. However, when she came back, I was happy she was home. Does that count?

Before you know it, life was back to normal, “Mom, can you take me to my friend’s house”, “Mom, can Erica sleep over?” “Mom, can my friends come over?”, “Mom, can you pick me up from the movies?”, “Mom, can you take me to Zach’s house”, and  “Mom, can I get my hair blonder?”.

You know what, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, I want to know, when your teen comes back from being away on vacation or a any trip, are you happy they are back  or sad?


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