Working at Publix UPDATE!

My 14 year old daughter Olivia has been working at Publix for over 2 months and I am happy to report, so far so good! Since she is only 14, she can only work weekends for a certain amount of hours. I have to admit I was a bit leery about how she would handle working and the responsibility behind it. She seems to like it but, I don’t know if that’s because her friends work there or she likes working there.

I do have to remind her every Thursday to check her weekend schedule so we can make sure she has a ride. She has auto deposit into a savings account I opened for her and anytime she wants money for something, I take it out of her account. She now has to think about it if something is that important that SHE has to pay for it. I think I am enjoying her working more than she is!!

At the beginning before she had auto deposit, she would forget to pick up her pay check for 2 -3 weeks. I asked her after her first paycheck, when she was getting paid and she didn’t know. I had to go into the store and pick up 3 paychecks!! Apparently she doesn’t need the money?! I asked her, “do you work for free? did you not think about collecting a paycheck after 2 weeks?” She laughed and realized how silly that was.

She came home last Sunday with a packet from work and said, “I can get benefits!” It was so cute to see her so excited to be able to get benefits. I looked at her and thought to myself, wow, she’s growing up before my eyes.

Next month she turns 15 which means she can work extra hours and that is perfect timing with the summer break.

I am proud of the way Olivia is handling the responsibility of working and I hope she continues on this path and see the rewards from working hard. I love this adventure I am taking with her and cant wait to see what’s in “store” for us.

Would love to hear how your teen is handling working. Do they like it? Hate it?

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  1. Estrella December 18, 2012 at 12:18 am

    What State do you live in? I Live in Georgia, Im 14 and I want to work at publix.


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