Why are teens so annoyed?



Almost every day, I hear a teenager say someone is annoying. He or she could be talking about their sibling, their teacher or their close friend.

Recently, my son told me he was interested in girl, but he found out she said he was talking too much to her one night and she called him annoying. He wasn’t even offended by that!

Being annoying isn’t really much of an insult, because to teens it is  assumed that someone — even a close friend — is going to be annoying at some point in time.

What confuses me about the “annoyed” generation is that these are the same kids that hug each other every time they meet or part. For teenagers, hugging is hip. And so is being annoyed.

Check out the hashtag #annoyed on Twitter and you will find teens who are annoyed by how loud people talk, how boring teachers are, how two faced their friend is or how certain people talk too much.

I saw a teen comment on a website that said: “It’s kinda hard *not* to get annoyed.

Of course, for teens we (parents) are THE most annoying people in their lives. Some days, saying hello to them or their friends in a certain tone is considered annoying.

Luckily, I’ve read up on how not to be annoying to a teen. Here’s what I’ve discovered I need to do:

1. Avoid repeating myself (this is a tough one!)

2. Learn to read facial expressions (so that I can immediately identify and stop whatever I’m doing that is annoying)

3. Avoid laughing too loud in front of a teen’s friends (or asking too many questions).

4. Do not butt into conversations when they are chatting with friends (another tough one!)

5. Avoid singing along to music on the radio (particularly if you are belting out the wrong lyrics!)

I’m not sure how, when or if teens mature into less annoyed adults but from where I sit, it can’t happen soon enough!



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