Where to get SAT prep help from your home

Last weekend, a friend drove her son two hours to take the SAT in another county. This madness came about because in many counties test dates have been cancelled or postponed. With fewer opportunities to take college admissions tests, teens need to be completely prepared to get the best SAT or ACT score possible when the test is offered.

Today, we are happy to promote a company that helps high school students with college admissions test preparation, tutoring and college counseling. While some teens take the SAT or ACT unprepared, we have seen firsthand how putting in the work ahead of time can make a big difference in the result.

For over 35 years, Livius Tutors has been providing tutoring, test preparation, academic guidance and college counseling to students, schools, and communities through locations in New England, Florida and the Midwest. To support more students around the world, Livius has expanded its programs to include a full-service online offering (which include AP exam prep and tutoring in various subjects)

After talking to many parents, students, and educators, Livius understands many people are frustrated and nervous that because of the pandemic, their hard work over the last decade to prepare for college may be wasted. In response, Livius has created 100% free, high value, college preparation programs. The classes are online and

Livius students see an average 225 point increase on the SAT and a 6 point increase on the ACT. The company has students achieve more than 1,000 perfect test scores, gain acceptances to over 2,000 Ivy League schools, and receive scholarships of $30K per individual on average.

Here’s the special offer for our readers:

Sign up and enroll for a free SAT/ACT Prep or College Essay Foundation class, where you can learn Livius’ proven proprietary strategies and tips. You will also get a free evaluation with one Livius’ academic directors to understand how to maximize your college application process. If you use discount code “Raising Teen Mom” at your consult, you can get a 10% discount on select academic programs.

High school — and all the academic pressure that surrounds it — can be as challenging for parents as it is for teens. We are in favor of services like Livius that make parenting easier.

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