What the snooze? Teens sleeping in class


My ego has been majorly deflated.

I’m a boring, old woman. That’s the only opinion I could possibly form of myself after speaking to a high school journalism class. I thought I was interesting. I had a jazzy Powerpoint presentation. I even had prizes to give out.

But mid-way into my presentation, I noticed a boy toward the back of the room who was sound asleep and snoring. Yikes! I had put him to sleep! I was horrified! Why was the teacher allowing this, I wondered?

That night, I told my kids what had happened. They informed me that kids sleep in every one of their classes every single day.  That shouldn’t have surprised me — but it did.

I immediately called my sister, a high school teacher, and asked her if students sleep in her class. Oh yes, she said. They sleep every day, in every class and teachers allow it because they get tired of fighting it, she explained.

Learning this, my ego has been slightly restored. But I now have a strong opinion about the need to make high school start later — 7:30 a.m. is just too early for teens whose body clocks keep them up late at night.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help launching into a lecture with my kids about how disrespectful snoozing in class is to teachers.

Parents, have your teens ever confessed to snoozing in school? Have you ever tried forcing them to go to bed earlier? If so, did it work?

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