This mom is stressed over the college thing




I never thought the day would come as a parent when I had sending my kids to college on my mind. I have one word to describe it — stressful!

All you have to do is say “college” and my brain starts to hurt!

First, I went on the in-state college tour with my kids over Spring Break. Then, last night I went to a college application process workshop at the high school. And, in between, I’m talking to parents whose teens are about to graduate and go off to college. My brain is about to explode.

I’m a mess and I’m excited at the same time. I made great friends in college and have wonderful memories. I feel like I graduated with a good education, too. I look at my daughter and I see a young lady who I know will enjoy becoming independent. But I want to be at a college where she’s happy and I want her to leave school ready to enter the real world with the right skills to get a good job — isn’t that what every parent wants?

Last night at the high school workshop, the presenter told parents: “The college process has never been so easy — or so hard!”

So much has changed since most parents went to college. Did you know 17 million students attended colleges last year. That’s a lot more than it was when I applied and it’s the reason that the college application process has become extremely competitive.

My daughter will be a senior, so I’m about to face round one with her: application deadlines and essay writing  UGH!

Over and over, I hear the same phrase from college admissions officer. Grades are important, so are test scores. But even still, your kid has to STAND OUT. It’s that third thing that stresses me out because it seems so subjective.

And then, comes the even harder part, being on the same page as your spouse about in-state vs. out-of-state tuition, taking out college loans and applying for scholarships and financial aid.

It seems like the whole thing takes sanity survival skills. I look around and I see lots of parents who survived – whose kids are not only getting into their colleges of choice, but also getting jobs when they graduate. Those parents, they’re my heroes.




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