The top 10 “why’s” when raising a teen.

I sometimes think we should give out to every parent who has toddler or young child, the top 10 “why’s” they will soon be encountering when their child becomes a teenager.  I think its important they prepare themselves for what will soon be coming their way. In addition, I think they should be prepared for the frustrations they will or maybe enduring in future years.

So, I decided to write down some of my Top 10 “why’s” when raising a teen. Now, I know there are much more than 10 so, in the interest of time and space, I decided on only 10.

1. Why do you look at me like I have two heads?

2. Why don’t you listen to me when I am talking to you?

3. Why don’t you like to spend time with me anymore?

4. Why is texting and talking to your friends more important to you than breathing?

5. Why do you never put your clothes away or keep your room clean?

6. Why is it you are only nice to me when you want something?

7. Why do you think you’re entitled to everything?

8. Why do you have to be so mean and condescending in your responses?

9. Why do you think you know it all?

10. Why can’t I trust you?

As I stated before, these are my top 10 “why’s”, so I am very curious if any of your top 10 “why’s” were in mine? If not, please share some of yours.  I would love to read them and I am sure other parents would, too. I think it’s important to pay it forward and I think this is a good start.

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