The secret sauce to raising teens

Is there a secret sauce for raising teenagers?

This morning I attended service at my local church and the pastor spoke about the secret sauce to life. Actually, he said there really isn’t a secret sauce to life.

I got to thinking about what he said and how there really isn’t a secret sauce to raising teens either — but what if there was?

Like any recipe, it would be all about the ingredients, measurements, the right temperature, and the details. If you didn’t follow the directions, the recipe wouldn’t come out like you expected.

Of course, like anything else in life, you could follow all directions but the meal still may not come out as you expected. When you’re raising a teen, you can follow the directions to your recipe exactly, but your teen may not give you the results you wanted or expected.

 I wish there was a secret sauce to raising a teen. Heck, I wish there was one for life. I would treasure it and make sure to stock up on all the ingredients required. Some of us are not the best cooks, chefs or bakers. We may not be the best moms or dads, but we are sure trying to be. 

I can tell you this, I think one of the many ingredients to a secret sauce is to have faith as a part of your teen’s life. I don’t think some teens have any spiritual foundation or beliefs today. They have steered away from faith and are more into social media. Maybe they should try a little bit of both, faith and social media?

No raising a teen is not easy. Not easy at all.  Even when we don’t know the secret sauce, we don’t give up. We just try different solutions for problems that arise and try to figure out the best recipe.

So, do you have a secret sauce? If you do, please share!

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