The Mom List

I don’t know about you, but even with today’s technology, I find myself writing lists of things I have to do, calls I have to make, items I need to buy. I call it “The Mom List.”

My mom says she doesn’t need to write anything down because she has it in her head. Well, there is no way I can keep all that I have to do in my head. I am sure you can relate. I have to write things down in order to know what or how much I have to get done on a given day. I have a saying, “You can’t manage what you can’t see,” and if I don’t have a list, I can’t manage all that I have to do.

As a working mom, my list keeps me organized and prevents me from dropping the ball at home and work. My daily lists keeps me from being overwhelmed and basically having an emotional meltdown. You know what I am talking about. It’s that awful feeling that everything is coming at you all at once, everyone needs something from you right now and time is going by too fast. You know the feeling, right? It’s called being a mom, being overwhelmed with a sprinkle of anxiety added to it.

Ask for help? From whom? Who can work at your pace and meet your expectations?

Here is a sample of my most current “mom list”:

  1. Make Matthew’s hair appt.
  2. Make doctor appt.
  3. Call bank
  4. B-day gift for Kim
  5. Pick up dry cleaning
  6. Go to jewelers to get watch batteries
  7. Go to Ulta
  8. Drop off package at post office
  9. Pick up prescriptions
  10. Pick up Valentine’s Day cards & gifts

The feeling I get when I cross out an item on my list, is a feeling I can’t describe… I guess the best description is euphoria, a feeling of accomplishment and pure happiness! Silly I know, but it’s true.

Being a working mom, I juggle a lot. Sometimes, going old school and writing down a list keeps my sanity in tact and allows me to not stress as much.

I would love to know if any of you have a “mom list” that you either write on a pad, Post It note, the back of an envelope or keep on a digital device. Feel free to share your list!

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