And that’s a wrap folks! Next stop..College bound!

My Olivia has graduated high school. Class of 2016 is moving on to bigger and brighter adventures!

I can’t believe when I first started this blog Olivia was  a young teenager and now she has graduated high school! I never thought this day would come with all the hurdles, challenges and obstacles we have had to overcome. This day seemed like an eternity away, and yet here it is. Next step.. college — an even bigger hurdle I am sure.

Olivia has been wanting to go to college the moment she started high school. She always wanted to be older and hurry life along. That has always been my challenge with her, to slow her down. I hope as she takes on the next chapter of her life, she has learned from her mistakes and will use those lessons to make smart choices and do well in college.

I asked Olivia how it felt to cross the stage and get her diploma. She said “amazing”. I told her, “Now imagine when you graduate college how that must feel. That’s what you need to achieve next.”

Now that Olivia is off to college, I am sure I will have much to blog about her adventures and dramas.  At the same time, my  14-year-old son Matthew will be starting high school in the fall.  Needless to say, I am far from over blogging on raising teens!

Who know what lies ahead? All I know is I am sure it won’t be dull and boring, just one big exciting rollercoaster ride. I just need to hold on tight and enjoy.

Next stop.. college!

Let me know how your high school graduation felt and about your teen’s new adventure to college.



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