When your teenage son tells you he only does hugs, not kisses.



Last week my son Matthew and I were sharing a rare and awesome moment laying in bed watching the TV  show The Goldbergs together. It was just like we use to do before the teenage years came around.  The mom in the show was trying to give her 14-year-old son Eskimo kisses, so I went over to Matthew, to be funny, and tried to do the same. He pulled away and said, “No way mom!” Okay, I get that he may not like an Eskimo kiss so I gave him a kiss on the cheek and then asked him for one on mine. He looked at me and said “Mom, I don’t do kisses. I do hugs.”  In shock, I said, “Since when?”  What happened to the little man who use to give me hugs AND KISSES??

Then, I asked Matthew why he didn’t  gives kisses when he use to with no qualms. He explained that he thinks it is weird now that he is older. Weird to give your own mom a kiss?? NOOOOOOO! I told him I was going to blog about this and share this with all other moms out there. He said, “Go ahead”, I still will only you give hugs.”

Part of me is sad  that my Matthew is changing and growing up and I can’t do anything about it. For now, I can only embrace his hugs and appreciate that he gives them willingly and with lots of love in them.   I will take the hugs because I know one day, the kisses will return and my cheek will be waiting eagerly for it.  Truth be told, Matthew does give the best hugs.

Have you experienced push back from your teen when you want to give him or her a kiss on the check? Is hugging acceptable? Or does your teen flinch when you try to show him or her any affection?

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