The teenage son haircut struggle..It’s real.


My son Matthew has beautiful curly wavy hair. When it is cut, it looks so good and makes him look so handsome. However, to get him to get a haircut is torture for both of us. The constant back and forth and  mother-son bickering is awful.

I just don’t understand why there is a struggle every time I ask him to get a haircut.   I even compromised and said he could just get his hair “trimmed.”  I was desperate. He still refused.

Recently, I texted him about getting a haircut and as you can see I didn’t win.  I guess I should be grateful that at least he will get his haircut before school starts












Sometimes I wonder if my son’s resistance is because how he looks and how he dresses represents his identity and that is the one thing he would like to control or have a say in.  Look, I get it, for teens, how you look should be up to you and your appearance is your choice, but I also think you mom or dad should have a little say in it, right?

I am curious to find out if any other parents have had the same struggle. If so, how have you resolved the haircut battle?


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  1. Tabby August 30, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    Leave him alone about his hair, mom. Seriously, just stop fighting with him about it — it’s just hair, and it’s one thing you can afford to, as an adult who basically has control over his entire life, can afford to let him win on. You have so many responsibilities already! Wouldn’t it be a relief to not have this battle?

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