Teen texting, could it help writing skills?

My father in law was kind enough to put my son on his cell phone plan — until he got the bill for the 5,000 text messages my son had sent and received. Most adults are crazy, crazy, crazy over how much teens text. Have you ever been to a teen party and seen all the texting that goes on? No one talks to each other in person anymore!

Yesterday, my friend Heidi Wilson, a newspaper copy editor extraordinaire and mother of two teens, told me she thinks teen texting is a good thing. “At least they’re writing,” she said. Of course, I pointed out that they are writing instead of talking and that they are writing in weird lingo. She argued that they are creating their own version of short hand, something secretaries went to school to learn years ago. “It’s kind of genius,” she said.

She’s got me there.

But have you ever looked over your kids writing assignments? I have and let me tell you, my son’s English paper was full of text talk. U must b kidding!

Us cool moms and dads who think we are hip because we’re texting, don’t even come close to how often teens are doing it. A new Pew study out today shows  teens ages 12-17 send and receive, on average, five times more texts per day than adult texters.

I admit, they do seem to have created their own lingo and it’s amazing how they understand what they are writing to each other. Did you know that 511 means way too much information or that LOTI means laughing on the inside? Click here if you want a guide to deciphering text lingo.

What do you think, is it genius? Is texting ruining communication and the English language, or are adults just bitter because we can’t figure teen shorthand out?

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