Depression and Suicide among teen athletes increasing?

I went on Facebook today and saw an article from The New York Post that a friend shared about a 19-year-old track star from U Penn who killed herself over the stress of her grades. She jumped to her death from a parking garage. She was a happy teen who did amazing in high school but once she got to U Penn, a great ivy league school, the stress of school and getting good grades was too much.

She lost confidence in her school work and her track abilities. She told her dad she was under a lot of stress so he told her to go see a therapist that can prescribe antidepressant  medication. Well, that didn’t happen.  She took her life rather than face the stress.

When I read these article, it chills me to the bone because my daughter always tells me that she is under a lot of stress and that I don’t understand the stress teens are under now a days. I use to think this was her being dramatic. But, I have to really be careful and take what she says to heart. We all should! Olivia lost a friend to suicide last May who was the soccer star and very smart in school. Everyone thought she was happy until the day she killed her self. I blogged about this last year and as you can see, this is a problem we need to address.

I don’t have the answer to how to get teens to survive stress because life is full of different stresses. It’s how you handle it that really matters.

This blog is for you Madison Holeran. May you rest in peace sweet girl. I am so sorry for your pain and am so sorry for your family’s loss.

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