School is out. Now, what to do with your teen?

I know school is out and summer is here and that is all fine and dandy however, for moms with teens it can only mean one thing.. how to keep your teen busy and out of trouble!

I have my teenager going to NY to visit her cousin and family for 2 weeks. I started doing this 2 years ago when she turned 13. My parents use to send me to NY to stay with my cousins and family and I LOVED it! I had so much fun. I would send her up for more time, but if you recall she is working now. Not many hours due to her age but still, a responsibility and opportunity for her to make $.

When your child becomes a teenager they no longer want to go to camp because they are too old for that but they can become CIT’s, Counselor’s in Training.

Your goal is to keep your teen busy so they can stay out of trouble right? How do you do that? By having them work, visit and stay with out-of-town family, go on family vacation, playing summer sports etc…

My daughter, just made the 16 and under travel soccer team which is a year round sport, so she will be practicing with her team over the summer. Again, your goal is to keep your teen busy so they stay out of trouble and you don’t have to worry where they are, what they are doing and who they are with.

If they do stay home, set rules and boundaries up front so  both you and your child are ok with summer expectations… (going to beach with friends, going to pool party, going to the lake, going over a friends house to “hang out” etc..). If you are prepared up front, it eliminates disagreements and miscommunication and also make for a better summer vacation for your teen and a less stress one for you!

I am curious, what are your teen’s plans for the summer? What is your strategy? What is your plan? Any words of wisdom or great ideas you want to share with the rest of us pull your hair out teen parents?

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  1. Karen Meister June 12, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    There are SO MANY THINGS that can be done by a teen during the summer. The teen years are not necessarily the time to keep your teen “out of trouble” but to allow them to expand their minds, interests and passions at a time when they have little to lose and everything to gain. The misconception many parents have is that camp is the only thing to do during the summer when in reality there are specialized programs that focus on the needs and growth of each and every teen. Based on your teens interests and the parents finances, they can develop an interest or passion ie photography or sports, travel, community service, academic pursuits, college exploration, leadership institutes, outdoor adventure, internships and so many more. As a parent, you have given the teens hopefully very good roots and grounding in what you want them to be. Now it is time to provide them with the wings to fly and explore their independence in the world, under your guidance and rules of course. Any parent can always call me or email me to discuss the different opportunities available. I am a consultant in the field and my service is gratis. I have raised three teens into adulthood and I am proud of the wings they have in the big world!! Proud mom and teen expert – Karen Meister –


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