Rain, rain on my teenager’s head

Today, it’s pouring rain in South Florida as a tropical depression threatens our area. I begged my kids to take umbrellas with them to school. Their response: Nerd alert!

Apparently, if you are a teen, it’s much cooler to get drenched than to use an umbrella. Who wouldn’t want their hair to look like wet spaghetti?  My daughter refused to even put an umbrella in her backpack. (Should some fellow high schooler spot it, she’d be doomed)

 My son took the umbrella reluctantly when I stuck it in his hand at morning drop off. I watched him walk away with the umbrella closed as he ran to class.

In the corner of my garage, I still have the cute animal umbrellas they would jump at the chance to use, sometimes even when it wasn’t raining. Now, those umbrellas are taunting me…reminders of a time when cute triumphed over cool. When my teens arrive home today, soaking wet and freezing, I’m wondering whether umbrellas will have regained some of their coolness.

I’m really not counting on it.

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  1. Suburban Kamikaze October 6, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    I just discovered this little nugget of teen fashion culture myself, watching high schoolers walking to school in a downpour – no raincoats, no umbrellas. My first instinct was pity, then I realized it had been raining since long before these kids left their houses. My 15-year-old son later explained that raincoats and umbrellas were “gay” – but not in the sense of a handsome and stylishly dressed man with a good manicure – in the teen sense, which roughly translates to “something your parents would wear.”



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