Private School or Public School? Which is the better choice?

This morning after a 5:30 am run with my running group,  we had a discussion on public versus private school for our kids.  Now, keep in mind, we all have kids of different ages.  One has toddlers, another has elementary school kids, another has high schoolers and another has middle school kids.  I, of course, have college and high school age children.

Niow,  keep in mind, everyone in the group lives in Parkland/Coral Springs, Florida, where moms and dads chose to live for the area’s great schools. Our taxes are high to pay for these schools and the community we live in.

I went to a Catholic School all my life, so I know about attending a private school.

My friends and I went on to debate which choice of schools was better. One of my friends with elementary school children was concerned about the teacher: student ratio at public schools. Another friend/runner is a doctor and her husband is a teacher at the private school their children attend. She and her husband like the small classroom size. But then , we had another mom who said ” I moved here for the great schools. I’m not paying high taxes AND paying for private school.  If I wanted my kids in private school, I would live in an area where the houses and taxes aren’t so high.” She went on to add, ” I am a product of public schooling and I went on to a great university and proud of it.”

I have to be honest, if I could afford a prestigious private school of $25k-$50k a year, I would send my children there, but who can afford that for two kids and then college after? Many families can not afford private school tuition.

I did tell my friends that I would most likely have put my kids in a Catholic school before a private because it was more affordable and for religious reasons. However, public schools get a bad rap and they shouldn’t.  Parents should be proud of where their kids go, and I am—  Marjory Stoneman Douglas! My teenagers have learned so much from their teachers and have such a deeper connection to high school than I ever did in a Catholic school.

I told my friends that as a parent, you must do what’s best for your child.  Some children don’t do well in big classrooms, and others don’t like the small class size of private schools.  I know many moms who put their kids in public school up until  middle school,  then they put them in private/catholic high school. They figure why pay $25k/year for elementary school. Save the money for when they get older.

I do have a couple of  mom friends who had their kids in a private school up until high school and then decided to place them in a public school. Their kids were tired of the small classes and wanted a big high school experience. The kids flourished and loved going to a public high school.  I recall my friends were worried about the adjustment, but their kids surprised them, and had a great  high school experience in a public school.

Again, you must do what is best for your child, and sometimes your teen may be the one deciding for you.

So, I would love to get some feedback on this topic from any moms or dads on which they prefer, public or private schools for their kids. In any case, your teen’s education is very important, so as long as he or she is happy and flourishing in school, that is all that matters.


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  1. Michelle June 15, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    My kids have been in both. Unfortunately, the county we live in (also in FL), is not known for great schools. I like that my middle schooler is in a smaller school setting… most of the time. Fortunately, the school has a pretty good athletic program, which you don’t always get with a private school. Now, if we moved to another county, would I consider a public education… maybe. My pocketbook would love it. 😉

    Ultimately, you hit the nail on the head. What works for one child may not work for another, and that’s okay.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Linsi Perez December 12, 2019 at 11:25 pm

    I come from a public a school and they can be troubling but overall its a great experience.


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