No weekends for Mom when raising a teen?

I don’t know about you, but I find myself quite challenged in planning my weekends now that my daughter Olivia is in high school. I know she wants to go out with her friends and I do prefer to have control and take her and pick her up from events. But, that is a double-edged sword because that means planning a night out with my hubby or son is tough!

What’s a mom to do to make everyone happy??

I have learned to plan ahead and let my daughter know when we have plans so she doesn’t plan on going out. I explain to her that Mom and Dad need a night out too!

It amazes me how Olivia has something to do every weekend. Now we have football games and “just hanging out” at friend’s house. It’s endless. However,  I must admit, I like knowing where Olivia goes and who she is with and  I get a chance to talk with her one-on-one in the car even if its only for a moment.

When we don’t have plans, my husband and I take turns picking up and dropping off. Teamwork! Sometimes, to be honest, I don’t mind just staying home and relaxing. After a week of back and forth with practices and games and just plain work, being home is quite relaxing.

So, parents of teens, how are your weekends? Are you in and out of the car, picking up and dropping off? Would love to hear how you do it!

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