Mom shops at Victoria’s Secret

If you recall, I wrote a blog a while back about shopping at Hollister with my daughter and how she felt I was too old to be shopping there and that  it wasn’t appropriate.. blah blah blah.

Well… we had a similar experience last weekend when Mom, that’s me, had a coupon from Victoria’s Secret for a FREE Panty/Thong and went into the store with my daughter Olivia  to pick out  my FREE panty/ thong. I decided as were  looking through the panties and thongs to give my daughter the coupon and let  her pick out what she liked. As I was showing my daughter  panties and thongs , she turned to me with this look of bewilderment and said ” Mom, these are mom panties and thongs, I don’t wear these!”

EXC– USE ME?? This is Victoria’s Secret there is no GRANNY Pantiess here !! I looked at her and said “Olivia, they’re thongs! What’s the difference??  Are you kidding? This is not Hollister. This is MY store and these panties and thongs are not OLD they are not teen like PINK , but hey they are no GRANNY Panties!”

I was so taken back but, I have to admit, I did laugh because here my daughter is picking out a hot pink thong that is okay for me to wear, but not her, and I actually love  what she picked.  She’s got good taste.. I’ll give her that.

I was happy at the fact that we were spending time together and more importantly that she cared about what kind and color thong I was wearing!

Some day I may be wearing the Granny Panties and most likely they will be purchased by  my daughter and they  may even be hot pink so, until then, I’ll enjoy the adventures of shopping with a teen and love the laughter along the way.


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  1. Dawn March 26, 2014 at 2:47 pm

    I has a similar experience with my two teen daughters, except they each wanted the free thong and thought I should get the high rise bikini!

  2. raisingteensblogger April 20, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    I see lots of moms and daughters shopping together at Victoria’s Secret. Us moms are way too hip to be buying granny panties…at least for now!


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