Madonna lets Lourdes take boyfriend on vacation, would you?

As we head into Labor Day weekend, some of you might be taking a mini-vacation. But will you allow your teen to bring his or her romantic interest along?

Madonna, 53, is getting a lot of heat for letting her 14-year-old daughter, Lourdes, bring her boyfriend along on a vacation to France. The paparzzi had a field day taking photos of Lourdes and a blonde boy with sun-kissed hair on a jet ski. It must be kind of weird for mom — Madonna’s current boy toy,  French dancer Brahim Zaibat, is 24, only 10 years older than her daughter’s boyfriend.

I get a pretty good laugh when I think about Madonna standing guard in the hallway of the hotel to make sure Lourdes and this young hunk don’t sneak into a room together and do anything they shouldn’t. On the other hand, maybe Madonna’s a mom who’s not worried about what Lourdes might do while she’s not looking.

Parents, what do you think about Madonna’s vacation habits? Have you ever brought your teenage daughter’s boyfriend on vacation with you? If so, how did you handle the sleeping arrangements and the trust issue?

(photo from Splash News)

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