Letter to Teens from a Middle School Teacher

An interesting email landed in my Inbox at work. It included a letter from a middle school teacher to his 13-year-old students. 

Dear  Students:

When you communicate with me and any of the faculty at the school via email, you are expected to produce a letter that you are proud of. You are well mannered, well educated 7th grade women. You should be proud of how you represent yourselves, and that includes how you speak and write.

 If you don’t use a greeting (“Dear Mr. X”) or a complimentary close (“Yours truly”, “Sincerely”, “Your student”, “Enjoy your day”….) you are not giving your best effort. If you choose NOT to proofread, you are doing yourself a disservice. You could be sending someone a letter that reflects badly on you because it is rife with misspellings, bad grammar, capitalization errors and sentences that don’t make sense. I suggest that before you click “send”, you should click the F7 key, and read it aloud to yourself or have a parent look at it.

 If you take the time to represent yourself properly with your email, I will respond to it.


Mr. X

The students’ likely reaction: He’s so mean! My reaction: Way to go teacher!

I love that this teacher wants to help his students create good writing habits before they hit high school. Why not give them an advantage when applying to colleges, job hunting or asking someone via email for a recommendation.

I’m  sure some parents will complain that Mr. X is being too darn nit picky, particularly if he doesn’t respond to their child’s email. Not me.

What do you think about this teacher’s letter?  It his point valid or is he snarky and ridiculous?

FYI: Here’s a link to a website that can help your teen with grammar.

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