Is it okay for boyfriend/girlfriend to sleep over each others house?

Little did I know 4 years ago when I blogged about this topic, which at the time I was dealing with my daughter Olivia with, that it would get SO much response from both parents and teens!! I have to say it stirred up quite the controversy but yet, opened up amazing dialogue between both parties!  So, I thought I would repost the blog for parents and teens that may or will be dealing with this issue. Can’t wait to see the feedback 4 years later!


Posted- March 14, 2014

My daughter recently went over her boyfriend’s house last Saturday night to hang out like she has done in the past. I fell asleep and realized she wasn’t home and it was past her curfew. I looked on my phone and found messages from her saying she is sleeping over her girlfriend’s house. I am a bit upset over the fact she didn’t ask permission and I know she is lying!

I asked her why she didn’t ask me prior to now and she said she fell asleep. More lies. I decided I would let her stay over her “girlfriend’s” house knowing very well she is probably at her boyfriend’s. I knew arguing at this time of night wasn’t going to get me anywhere so I said we would talk about this in the morning when she comes home.

Next morning comes around and like I suspected she stayed at her boyfriend’s house! I was extremely upset because we had this discussion before and I am totally against it as well as her father. She tells me that she doesn’t understand what the big deal is? Lots of parents let their kids stay at the boyfriend’s house.

I said, ” Well, it’s not okay with this parent.” She said my reasoning did not help her understand why it was wrong or inappropriate because she found nothing wrong with it. They weren’t doing anything and they are 17.”

How do I talk to a teen rationally about this? I am spitting nails and fuming. I think at one point I saw Jesus and asked for help because I’m gonna need it.

My daughter would not let go of the fact that there is nothing wrong with the sleepover and that it’s not wrong.

So, I am asking .. Am I wrong? Do you allow your teen to sleep over their boyfriend/girlfriend’s homes? Have times changed THAT much? I need someone to please help me understand this or at least help me make my daughter understand.

I did explain to her that sometimes in life, just because we don’t think it’s not inappropriate or wrong, doesn’t mean it isn’t. There isn’t always a logically reason.

That same day my husband called my daughter’s boyfriend’s dad and told him that she was not allowed to sleep over and unless he hears it from us, don’t believe it it is okay with us.

I mean really? These teens now a days have found a way to basically make everything a battle. sleepover with boyfriends? Yay or Nay?

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