I survived an “ULTRA ” Weekend!

Well, after 2 years of saying “NO” to my daughter to go to a 3 Day ULTRA MUSICAL FESTIVAL in Miami, this year I finally approved and allowed her to go under certain conditions:

1. Grades had to be GOOD

2. She must come home by her curfew

3. She must check in when she arrives, during festival and on her way home.

4. NO drinking or drugs

I’m happy to say she did ALL 4 PLUS her boyfriend’s dad paid for a car service to take them to and from the festival so they wouldn’t have to drive. That was a HUGE peace of mind for me and her dad to know she was safe.

I was VERY anxious and nervous as I was trusting her to go this festival but knew how much she LOVES EDM (electronic dance music) and the DJ’s. Heck, I like them. I knew people from my work who were going and they were very good kids, so I felt good about my decision. Olivia is 17 and will be turning 18 before I know it. When she’s in college, I won’t be there every day to make sure she gets home safe. I had to trust her.

I knew how much she changed in a year and was going to the festival because she truly loved the music NOT the craziness around it. Nevertheless, I was still worried as any normal sane parent would be.

She had purchased what she was going to wear each day and decorated it with flowers and glitter. I was truly impressed by her outfits.  She wore beautiful flowered head bands and decorated flowered tops and of course comfortable tye-dyed Keds. She was set and she was excited.

One night, Saturday to be exact, I was coming from Miami visiting family and got caught in rain heading home, so I texted her to warn her rain was coming. Well, about 30 minutes later around 9 p.m., as I walk in the door, she texts me ” Mom, can you come pick us up (her and her boyfriend), it’s raining, we are cold and wet?”  Of course, I said I would.  For my selfish reasons, I was thrilled she wanted to come home early. So, off to Miami I go again but to ULTRA!  This was going to be an experience for me and her dad. We had no clue what we would be driving into, but I  was kind of excited. I would be able to see what all the hype is and see what Olivia loved about it.

We picked her and her boyfriend up and gave them blankets. As I looked around, it wasn’t bad at all. Kids were having fun listening to music and just hanging out and walking around.

The last night of ULTRA, Sunday night , I couldn’t wait for her to come home. When she texted me at 10:30pm, “in express lanes, heading home” I was like YAY!! ULTRA is over. I SURVIVED with no drama or incidents! Woo Hoo!!

When she got home, I asked, “So, how was it?” She said, “It was the best time of my life mom. It was what I expected and more.” I was so happy for Olivia because she got to hear her favorite DJ’s and be a part of a “Woodstock” like event something she will tell her kids and remember for the rest of her life.

And I will remember that “I survived 2014 ULTRA  Music Festival  weekend!” But more importantly, I will remember that I trusted my daughter and she came through with flying colors.

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