I Never Felt So United As I Did at the March For Our Lives

I am not a political person whatsoever, and I have never been to a march in my life. However,  as you know, my son Matthew is a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas  High School.  So, attending the March For Our Lives in Parkland was something I felt compelled to do for obvious reasons. I am sure many people have various reasons for attending March For Our Lives around the nation, but mine was quite  simple. I wanted to be there for the 17 angels/students who couldn’t be there, and for my son and all the other students who could.  I do not have a personal agenda or political one.

I just want my son and all children to go to school and feel safe!

The  pictures I took told  stories.

Many different stories of all types of people.

I have not felt so unified with so many different people since 9/11. It made me wonder… why is that? Why does tragedy do that to us as a nation? We all want the same thing don’t we? We want to keep our schools safe, to keep our children safe.   We never want something like this, this horrible tragedy, to  happen again.

I hope, if anything, that when you see the pictures from March For Our Lives in Parkland, you see what I saw —   students, parents, grandparents  unified. This March For Our Lives is for all of us – all across the country — who want change, and for the 17 angels who deserve change.

This shirt worn by many at the Parkland March For Our Lives had the names of the 17 lives lost in the shooting:

  • Alyssa Alhadeff
  • Scott Beigel,
  • Martin Duque
  • Nicholas Dworet
  • Aaron Feis
  • Jaime Guttenberg
  • Chris Hixon
  • Cara Loughran
  • Gina Montalto
  • Joaquin “Guac” Oliver
  • Alaina Petty
  • Meadow Pollack
  • Helena Ramsay
  • Alex Schachter
  • Carmen Schentrup
  • Peter Wang

Here are photos that speak louder than words:





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