How to survive being quarantined with a teen

These are not the best of times, but it certainly feels like the worst of times. The Coronavirus (COVID19), has taken over the world, literally, and the virus has changed the way we live, think, act—-basically, everything. The things we took for granted are no longer there such as going out to dinner, getting a haircut, getting your nails done, going to the gym, going to work, going to school, hugs, kisses, hand holding, physical contact. We went from a country that had so much freedom to a country that has curfews and lockdowns.

This virus has made people go a little crazy with hoarding toilet paper, rice, paper towels, bleach, lysol wipes etc. We have extremes— people going overboard and people not taking it seriously. The virus interrupted spring breaks for some teens and college kids and it was quite evident.

As parents self quarantine and prepare to stay in for 2 weeks or more, many wonder how they will survive it. You have kids and parents under one roof with nowhere to go. Parents of toddlers wonder how to entertain their little ones, while parents of teens pray, “Dear God, how do we survive this alive without killing each other?” My girlfriend told me last week that she had a mental breakdown and just started to cry because being quarantined was getting to her and she was losing patience with her family.

I told her she was allowed to have a meltdown. Actually, it’s probably good that she did. We have come up with some ideas of what to do with your child/teen to survive the quarantine. I am sure I may leave out some that I didn’t think of, but I welcome any suggestions so we can help each other get through this.

Surviving COVID19 with your teen:

  1. Puzzles- do you have any puzzles you can work on as a family?
  2. Board/Card/Scavenger hunt/ Games- Why not make time after dinner or after lunch for board game or any games?
  3. Video games- teens love their video games and Virtual Reality games. Ask to join them. Do what they love to do. Don’t force them to do what YOU want to do. Remember, you want to get your teen engaged.
  4. If you have a basement or garage, maybe they will want to do some arts and crafts? Painting? Order supplies from Walmart and they will deliver for free.
  5. Rearrange Bedrooms – Ask them your teen if they want to change their room around or make some changes such as new shelving, pictures or area rugs.
  6. Spring cleaning- Give your teen a big garbage bag and tell them to go through their room and whatever they don’t want or doesn’t fit, they can put in bag to donate to Vietnam Veterans or Salvation Army or any non-profit that can come pickIt up.
  7. Netflix- Binge watch with them whatever show you can agree upon such as The Office or The 70s Show.
  8. Movies- Watch whatever movie they would want to see- Harry Potter, Star Wars Series etc.. and make popcorn or make cookies with them. Teens love their snacks.
  9. Chores- Make sure your teen is helping out with some chores, whether it be making his bed and keeping his room clean, or vacuuming or empty garbage.
  10. ASK THEM- Ask them what they want to do. It may be on this list or they may think of something we didn’t think of.
  11. Selfies/Tik Tok/Youtube video- ask them to capture each day or every other with a selfie of the day or maybe create a funny video so they can share on their Snapchat or Instagram or upload to Youtube Channel.

Well, I hope and pray things start to get better and people will try and social distance/self quarantine themselves to help stop this virus from spreading. We are in this together. I always try to see the good in bad things, it’s how I cope with what is happening. I also hope this virus brings families closer, makes people more appreciative of life and the little things.

Please let us know how you are surviving the social distancing and the quarantine.

Be safe. Wash your hands. This too shall pass.

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