How do you survive high school when you have already graduated?

My daughter Olivia started high school yesterday. She is officially a freshman and I am officially panicking on how I am going to survive not only freshman year but 4 years of high school!!?? Did my mom or dad panic like this? I didn’t think I made them worry like this. Did I?

Why do I feel like I am starting high school too?

Starting high school is a process.
1. School clothes shopping
2. Designer Bag (Michael Kors, Coach) or back pack
3. School supply shopping
4. Open House where you pick up your schedule and walk around for and hour trying to find your child’s class with them say they don’t get lost the first day.
5. Getting hair cut and highlighted
6. mani/pedi
7. Whiten teeth with Crest whitening strips
8. Spray tan
9.Orientation at school where this time you run around for 2 hours so you can meet the teachers that are scattered all over campus.
10. Pray they do well in school and don’t get into trouble.

Did I leave anything out?

I have stressed to my daughter numerous times the importance of doing well from day one in hopes she understands bad grades = no college. Am I over killing her with expectations? Am I driving myself insane? There needs to be support groups for this!!

I know there is only so much I can do and that she has to work and focus on her own. But, I can’t help but feel that it’s my role as a parent to ensure she stays on track. In the meantime, I feel like I am holding my breath until report cards come out.

How did you survive?? Look forward to reading your high school survival tips! Us parents, need to stick together!!

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  1. Zach December 31, 2015 at 4:38 am

    Hello my name is Zachary, I am 17 and going to try my best to show you the side of a teenager going through this. Your daughter is going to be just as, if not more, nervous. To her this is going to be her life. And I know that daughter is your life. But understand we do not proces things well. So the first few weeks must be perfect. Best clothing and every. That’s just how most teens feel. Now she may get picked on by the older class mates but that is okay because they most likely are joking around. However if its really bumming her out talk to the office. On the first official day of school, please do not go with her. Sadly this will just embarras her, most likely. I’m also not to sure a stay tan is wise. If she starts sweating it could run and people would notice. That could lead to a bad first day. This is what I would do:
    -go shopping for cool clothing
    -get hair done and pretty
    -make sure she has some tooth paste.
    -pack the bag the night before as well as get clothes ready.
    -Both of you get plenty of sleep.
    -wake up with her, cook her a nice breakfast. This will help lower her nervs.
    -Send her on her way.

    If you are extremely worried and frightfal for her, simply text her. And remember the office is not just there to help the students but also the parents as well.

    Just remember to stay calm, we pick up on our parents either being scared, or nurvous very well. If you are calm and turn it into a fun moment, then she will have fun 🙂 . you can do this, you will hear amazing storys and much more.

    I hope this helped!


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