How do you connect with your teenager?

I recently read an article in USA WEEKEND about  “How to connect with your teenager”. I found the article quite interesting. It gave  4 great tips on some parenting solutions.

1.  Get into their world Find some commonality even if you have to fake it. If your teen is a die-hard movie buff, watch one of their favorite movies with them.  Ask for help with putting a playlist together or you are having problems with your iPhone and need their help. For me, it’s shopping. My daughter will jump at the chance to go to the mall and have me buy her something and then have lunch together.

2. Have Dessert- It’s hard for families nowadays to eat together but one thing is for sure, dessert is always something we all love to have. It’s hard for families to get together for dinner at 6pm with everyone’s different schedules, so plan a night ir be spontaneous and say “let’s go out for ice cream or yogurt”!

3. Audit their English classes– If your child has a reading list, pick up one of their books and read along with them so you can have discussions about the book with them. It can be a 5 minute chat like “what did you think about….?”

4. Encourage their outrage– If there is a social cause that has your teen riled up, look for ways that you can make a difference as a family. They will feel supported and you will get to spend time together and most importantly, you will all help those in need.

At the end of the day, teens are still kids despite how they act or treat you. They really need you and want you, they just don’t tell or show you. It’s just understood.  It’s our job as parents to still support them and love them no matter what.

So..  what are some of the ways you connect with your teen? Does it work?

Look forward to getting some suggestions!!

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