Homecoming- friends or date?

So my daughter informs me THIS MORNING as I am dropping her off at school that homecoming is next weekend and spirit week is the next week. She says we need to go shopping this weekend!! Normally I would not react like someone poured acid on my car, but since I have my son’s 11th birthday party Friday with his friends, and Saturday with our family, and Sunday a family b-day party, to say my weekend is jammed packed is an understatement! I take a couple of Xanax and move on.

Fast forward to lunch, where I get a text from my daughter that her best friend is mad at her because they were all suppose to go together on a bus to homecoming but my daughter Olivia got asked out by a boy. Now, she wanted to go with him on his bus. Olivia asks me for advice, which I treasure!! What should she do? Go with her friends as planned on a bus that the school doesn’t have yet, or go with the boy who asked her on his bus? The third option is to ask the boy to go with Olivia on her bus with her friends? The dilemma and drama that ensued from all this was mind-boggling.

Is her friend jealous because she doesn’t have a date — thus the reason she is making my daughter feel horrible?  I have a opportunity to really help my daughter with a teen issue (peer pressure) so I can’t fail now!

I finally asked my daughter to find out if there’s a reason her friend is upset, something more than just homecoming. Come to find out, she feels Olivia chooses boys over her; which Olivia says is not true. Nevertheless, it’s how she feels and it needs to be addressed, I told her.

Her friend thinks Olivia should “never pick a boy over friends” and my daughter asks me, “Is that true?”

“It all depends” I said. “You should and can have both. If you can’t, evaluate the situation because boys will move on but your friends will stand by you ( you hope).”

Olivia really didn’t like the boy enough to ruin her friendship, so she bowed to pressure and guilt and is going with her friends. In the end, it’s her freshman year. She has 3 more homecomings to attend. Her first homecoming should be fun. She has time to be with boys. Why rush it?

So I ask you, has your son or daughter had to choose between friends or a date for homecoming? Who did they choose and why?

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