Does mom get involved in your breakups?

Recently my daughter Olivia and her boyfriend of 11 months broke up. I know breakups are a part of life, but I feel like I broke up with him as well.

He was apart of my daughter’s life and was a part of our family functions and we all liked him a lot. Actually, we loved having him around.

It was hard seeing Olivia’s heart broken. I was constantly giving her advice on what to text and say in hopes of making things better. I felt like I was in the relationship.  I was trying everything to help her and hoping I was making things better not worse. It was very stressful. In my day, we didn’t text.  We called or met in person.

I know this generation has technology in their relationships, but back when I had a boyfriend, I looked forward to hearing the phone ring and hoping it was him calling me. This generation needs to TALK TO ONE ANOTHER!! Texting is not the best form of communication. It makes a bad situation worse!

Olivia and her boyfriend went back and forth so much on text and she kept asking me what to say. I became mentally exhausted. I wanted to help her, but she needed to stand on her own, too. In the end, she did meet and talk with him and really communicated how she felt and what bothered her.  It was the smart thing to do in order to save their relationship.

As of today, they are okay and working on their relationship. I keep telling Olivia to just keep the lines of communication open and talk whenever possible so as not to have a misunderstanding.  Most importantly, respect respect, respect one another. These millennials need to learn that respect in a relationship along with communication is key.

I’m glad Olivia leaned on me for help and advice at her most desperate time of need. I’m also grateful I have that relationship with her, but I don’t know if I can take another breakups. It was tiring.

Have you gotten involved in your teen’s relationship breakups??

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