Do you hate high school homework?

Do you hate high school homework?

I do. I think there’s way too much of it and it’s making my life miserable as a mother of teenagers. Lately, my teens are complaining that the homework covers material that they haven’t even been taught in class.

One of my kids handles the homework overload with ease. The other has regular meltdowns. I’m not against the concept of homework. I suffered through it as a teen and I survived. But the amount of homework stress my kids deal with on a daily basis is well beyond anything healthy. And from talking to other parents, this problem is hardly unique to our family.

The tricky part is figuring out how involved I should get.

Should I look over my teens’ shoulders at the electronic gradebook to see what they’re assigned and make sure they’re turning homework in? Or by high school, should teens be able to deal with homework completely on their own?

Even more, should I step in when the volume of homework one teacher has assigned seems above and beyond a teenager’s ability to complete without becoming a stressed out zombie?

I get that homework is necessary. My kids even tell me they think homework is a good thing. It’s just the volume of it that’s become out of control. I wrote a column in The Miami Herald that quotes at least a dozen other parents who feel their kids’ homework has become a burden on their family life.

On the weekends, I’m always nagging my kids about whether they’ve done their homework because I fear a Sunday night homework meltdown. I feel horrible for doing it because I think they should be allowed to chill on the weekends.

Parents, how do you handle it when your teen complains about having too much homework? Have you ever confronted a high school teacher about they amount of homework he or she assigns? If so, did it do any good or did it backfire?


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