Did your teen not want you to take them to school the first day?

The 2011-12 school year has officially begun in South Florida. This year,
instead of me taking my daughter to school. Olivia decided she wanted to go
on the first day with one of her best friends since elementary school, Jared.

Normally, my feelings would’ve been hurt but as she explained, “Mom I didn’t get to
orientation since we were on vacation. It’s better if I go with someone on my team
so I know where to go.” I understood and I’m sure she also didn’t want to feel
left out. In addition, I love Jared. He’s a great kid and his mom is one of my
best friends, too; not to mention, they will be carpooling every morning to
school anyway. (Please keep in mind, Olivia doesn’t mind me taking her to school
every other day or picking her up, it’s just the first day of school.)

I asked her if next year (her first year in high school) I would be able to take her
her and she said she wants to go with her best friend Jared again. I said,
“Why doesn’t Jared say he rather go with you, and I take you both to
school?” She said, “Because he doesn’t care and I do?”

So, now I’m thinking, is it a teen girl thing? Is it my daughter? Or is it that Jared
and teen boys just don’t care about those things like girls do?

I ask you, do you care if your teen doesn’t/didn’t want you to take them
to school on the first day? Do you make a stink and say you are taking them? Maybe
you’re like me, choose your battles and say, “Ok”. Just know that even though
you don’t take them to school on the first day, at the end of the day….they
will still need you.

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