College move in day.. Super mom meets Super Walmart!

FullSizeRenderWell, I never thought I would see this day but this weekend, my husband and I took our daughter Olivia to Tallahassee for college.  It’s still surreal for me because we have gone through so many ups and down that I never thought I would see this day.

With all the challenges we have had with Olivia, moving her in for college seemed so far away. Don’t get me wrong, we still argue and have our differences, but now she is a bit more mature and responsible and she listens better to us. That wild teen from the  early high school years has grown up.  Thank God!

After months of shopping and packing for college, we finally moved her into an apartment near campus! She has her room all set up, her clothes in her closet and her bathroom all ready. However, it took multiple trips to Super Walmart for everything to come together. Here I thought I remembered everything, but once you start decorating the room, you realize you need a chair or curtains or a  bookshelf, or even an over-the-toilet shelf.  So where do you go to find all of this at affordable pricing? Super Walmart!

Every super mom needs Super Walmart! It’s our savior, our one-stop shopping palace! It makes our lives so much easier when we have a laundry list of things  to finish to decorate our teen’s college dorm or apartment.

For us, the end result was amazing! Olivia has a new home. It makes me happy knowing she created this home for the next four years and I was a part of it.

Tomorrow, I have to say goodbye to my daughter as she begins a new chapter in her life. I don’t know if I am happy for her, or sad for me. I also don’t  think it has hit me yet. Am I suppressing my feelings because I can’t bear to feel the pain I will experience when I say good bye?

I know she is so ready for this and she has been wanting this for so long that I know she will do well?   I know she is very capable of taking care of herself and responsible enough to handle what comes her way?

Why don’t I know is how  I am going to feel when I say goodbye. Guess, I will have to let you know after tomorrow. I also know that I am so proud of her and all I have ever wanted was the best for Olivia.  Even though she put me through hell,  I love her more than she will ever know.  She has overcome so many obstacles to get here  — more than most teenagers — and I just hope she learned from those obstacles. I believe in her and I believe that one day she will look back at what we went through with her during her teen years and she will say to me, “Thank you mom for not giving up on me and for believing in me. I am sorry I put you through hell. I love you.”

I am so excited for what’s to come for Olivia. I only hope she stays on track and reaches her goals.

It’s not only a new chapter for Olivia, it’s a new chapter for me as well. The journey continues. Stay tuned.



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