As college approaches, mom gets panicked

I can’t help myself. I’m in a panic.

As the idea that my teen daughter will soon be leaving for college sinks in, I’m in lecture mode.

Every chance I get, I slip in another lecture based on my worry of the moment.

Don’t drink from a cup you put down at a frat party!

Don’t walk around campus at night by yourself!

Don’t be fooled into think a guy wants you to watch TV at his apartment (He always wants more!)

Don’t take a shower in the dorm without shower shoes!

Don’t get busted with a fake ID!

I have a new “don’t” for her as each week passes. What’s wrong with me?

I want my daughter to enjoy her college experience. I want her to become independent and make new friends. But I’m overtaken the need to squeeze lectures into every free moment of our time together.

I’m really not sure how I went from “get rid of that pacifier” to “always carry around mace.”

Do all parents of high school grads get this crazy? Please tell me I not the only one.

Meanwhile, I’m off to give another lecture….


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