Are you a Spy Mom? What some moms have learned about their teens on Facebook



A few days ago, I noticed my son’s Facebook page was up on his computer screen and he had wondered off. My first thought: Opportunity had knocked, and I was going to take it!

Just as I was scrolling down, reading away and absorbing the 411 about what teens say online, my son came back and caught me. He immediately closed his laptop up giving me only enough time to take my fingers off the keyboard.

“What are you doing?” I screeched.

“You’re being nosey,” he replied and shooed me away, claiming he had online research he needed to do on his computer. Oh well,  I’ll just have to be nosey more covertly next time.

Clearly, Facebook has created a who new category of us nosey moms….just call us “Spy Moms.” We may complain about our teens social media addiction, but parents today have the opportunity to spy on our kids in way our parents never had (or maybe never needed?)

A new study by Education Database Online found that nearly half of all parents using Facebook joined so they could spy on their kids. Nearly three-fourths of parents check their children’s Facebook profiles more than four times a week.


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    1. Wtf? January 4, 2016 at 1:39 am

      Can we like not invade on people’s (yes I know, its a shock that teens are people) privacy? Parents that do this are sick and this is a form of abuse to your child. Yes, abuse. The big scary word that parents never want to hear. But guess what? This is abusive behavior. That’s the equivalent to someone going into your room and snooping through everything that you think is personal. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if your kid isn’t friends with you on Facebook then something is definitely up but I mean come on? Spying and stalking and following your child is disrespectful and would be considered illegal if it was someone else. It’s abusive because that makes your child want to hide everything from you more than anything even if it isn’t anything bad. They feel like they can’t talk to you or confide in you on anything because by doing this you are making them think that you trust nothing about them. How would you feel if you were a teen and your parent went into your room and read your diary? You wouldn’t like that at all so why do it to your son/daughter? Because it’s the internet? If you raised your child right then you shouldn’t be worried about anything.

  1. Anil Chatterjee July 7, 2015 at 4:10 am

    Rather than being a “spy mom” you should try entering in to a verbal contract with your kids is and is not acceptable online behavior. Once an agreement has been made you could sign up to a service like SafeKidsPro ( which discretely monitors your kids Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and will notify you if any messages are shared to contain inappropriate, antisocial or risky dangerous content. This way you dont have to be friends with your kids online or sneak a peak at their laptops whenever they turn their backs.


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