A mother’s secret wish to become Gossip Mom

I recently finished binge watching six seasons of Gossip Girl. It all started when my daughter was watching an episode while I was visiting her at college and I was hooked. Every night after work I couldn’t wait to get home, curl up on the couch and watch as many episodes as I could. Binge watching is the best!

I realize the show ran on television from 2007-2012, but being from New York, I loved watching the beautiful scenes and the shopping. I mentioned to my daughter that Iwonder what would happen if I started a Gossip Mom in our town featuring our kids. Wouldn’t it be great, to get an alert from Gossip Mom? …..”Spotted doing a little more than smoking pot underneath the high school bleachers, Sam Harrison and Vicky Bedstone.” Parents could know what their teenagers were REALLY doing. All the community would take pictures and post them to Gossip Mom and all the moms would know where their teens were and who they were with.

You could probably say, “that is what Facebook is for.” But this would be more local, more hometown. Mind you, I am no Kristen Bell, the voice of Gossip Girl, but I am sure everyone — including me — would love to know about what their teenagers were up to.

Can you imagine the texts and emails and photos I would receive? It’s like all the town secrets would be at my fingertips. Gossip Mom could also do some good to find someone missing or stop something bad from happening.

For months, Gossip Girl became my addiction. I loved learning and knowing about the Upper East Side life in New York and forgetting about life as I know it in 2019. I became entranced into their Gossip Girl world. I loved the escape. As a mom, sometimes we need to escape to another city, another life, another time. I guess that’s why binge watching on Netflix has become so popular!

For now, being a mom in 2019 and trying to figure out how to survive raising teens without any controversy will have to do.

I still have not given up on being Gossip Mom. You just never know.

Until next time.


Gossip Mom

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