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Almost daily, I talk with a parent who is worried about their teenager. They are worried their teen is going to hang around all summer with nothing to do. Or they are worried their teen won’t be able to take the summer class they had planned to take. So, with that in mind, our guest blogger — an investment banker turned entrepreneur — caught our attention because she has a great option to offer teenagers who might be looking for something cool to do this summer that will give them a new skillset and help build their resume.

Here is her post:

We’ve all experienced the impact of the pandemic in one way or another, but one group that has been disproportionately affected are the teens whose classes, extracurriculars, and summer plans have been canceled or delayed.

Teens who seek out the right opportunities and make the most of this time will have a big advantage over their peers. Virtual enrichment is one obvious solution, but this doesn’t have to be “online summer school.”

There are virtual opportunities out there that allow teens to work together, learn valuable skills, gain confidence, and come out with something to show for their time.

Beta Bowl has been running Virtual Entrepreneurship programs for students well before the pandemic began, and their graduates have success stories from winning thousands of dollars in startup competitions to getting nationally recognized with scholarships to prestigious entrepreneurship programs and scoring acceptances to the colleges of their dreams. Students who go through Beta Bowl programs get a virtual, collaborative, and hands-on experience of going from ideation to ready-to-beta-launch business.

Every student comes out of the Beta Bowl entrepreneurship program with a unique business plan, marketing strategy, financial model, pitch deck, and in some cases, personalized letter of recommendation – and they don’t even need an idea coming in.

College-bound teens (and their parents) know that universities have become increasingly competitive, and a rigorous schedule of AP classes and high SAT or ACT scores aren’t enough to guarantee admission into a student’s dream school. It takes something more – a unique differentiator, an outside-the-classroom, impressive, independent pursuit or accomplishment to really knock an admissions officer’s socks off.

That’s one thing Beta Bowl can help students do — and that isn’t solely to the credit of the programs, but rather to the time, effort, and passion students put into their Beta Bowl businesses. Teens don’t need any prior business experience or prerequisites to participate in Beta Bowl programs – they’re given the tools, resources, and group and individual support to build a brand new business of their own in just a number of weeks or months.
While participating in Beta Bowl entrepreneurship programs can be a teen’s competitive advantage on their college applications, that isn’t the only benefit. College may not be the right path for every student, and for those who aren’t sure, having an entrepreneurial skillset and experience will empower and enable all students to create their own path towards success.

Participation in a Beta Bowl program isn’t only beneficial for business-interested teens. Teens who are interested in the medical field may participate and pursue a healthcare-related business. Teens interested in the arts can create a business related to their passion. Each student’s Beta Bowl experience and outcome is unique, since each student (or team, if the student elects to participate as a team) creates their own unique business.

If you’re looking for virtual enrichment for your teen, a differentiator for their college applications, or just an alternative program for the summer, Beta Bowl is currently accepting enrollments in all of their summer and year-round programs. Feel free to check out Beta Bowl’s available programs if this is something your teen might be interested in, and if you have any questions, you can reach out at info@beta-bowl.com for more information or book a call with a member of the team here.

The 2019 Beta Bowl Platinum Pitch Competition winners submitted their Beta Bowl pitch deck to a subsequent competition and were announced as finalists in the University of Houston Think Tank 2020 Business Plan Competition. The teens also won more than $15k in various national and state-wide business competitions. 

About the Founder:

Beta Bowl was founded by Rachel Greenberg, a Wall Street investment banker turned full-time entrepreneur and startup consultant. Rachel has been working with startups for the past decade, and she’s helped create and implement marketing strategies, investor pitch decks, financial models, and rebranding campaigns that have collectively reached millions of customers, earned millions in funding, and generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue. A few of the companies she’s worked with and been a part of have been acquired for 7 and 8-figure valuations, one got a deal on Shark Tank, and a couple have been featured in the Oprah Magazine!

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