5 Fun Things to Do With Your Teenager This Weekend

As a parent, the weekends seem to fly by and I wonder what I could have done to enjoy more time with my teenager. Sometimes, I feel like I am in competition with my teenagers’ friends for their time. I am always on the hunt for fun weekend activities that my teens will want to do with me. I figured you may feel the same way.

So here are some ideas that I have tried with my teenagers or plan to try.  I am going to get my son Garret to do a few of these weekend activities with me.

1- Yoga. Teens are SO stressed these days. Heck, so are parents. Yoga is a great way to relieve some of our stress in a healthy way. It’s a popular activity these days and there are yoga studios all over that will let you pop in for a single session. I did it over the summer with my daughter Carly and we both felt better afterward. Give it try!

teenager doing yoga

2- Bike ride. It’s fall and it’s nice outside right now, which makes it a great time to take a bike ride with your teenager. I found a path that leads to a smoothie stand, which will help persuade my son to take a ride me with me. Map out someplace fun closeby and create a bike route to get there. I found my teenage boys talk more when they are riding a bike alongside me. If you don’t own bikes, the cool thing is that rental bike spots are popping up in most cities. We recently rented bikes in a part of Fort Lauderdale we rarely roam around.

parents riding bike with teenager


3 – Crafts. There are all kinds of crafts studios that have opened all over the country from pottery making, to paint by the numbers, to jewelry making, to chocolate making. Okay, I admit my daughter wants to do these type of activities more than her brothers, but you’d be surprised that teen boys like them too, especially if there is food involved before, during or after.

teenagers painting together

4 – Brunch. If you haven’t noticed, brunch is hot right now. Restaurants that serve Sunday brunch are extremely busy and restaurants that had been closed on Sundays are opening up and serving creative brunch menus. Most teenagers want to sleep in on the weekends but a yummy meal can change their minds. I plan to get Garret to wake up at 11 a.m. on Sunday by enticing him with a delicious brunch at a Mexican restaurant he loves.


brunch with teenagers


5 – Explore. Regardless of where you live, there is somewhere nearby that you meant to explore, but haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe it’s a tourist attraction you always wanted to go to or maybe its a nearby park or maybe it’s an area of town that seems to be attracting new businesses. It’s been many years since I have been to Jungle Island in Miami and it’s only about a half hour from my home. I think I can get Garret to go to this tourist attraction if I do some homework first to learn what’s new or interesting there that he will want to see.

explore with teenager


Of course, sometimes spending time with your teen is as simple as taking a drive somewhere together or a walk around the block. Maybe you just watch a television show or movie together and talk about it afterward.

With Garret in his senior year of high school, I feel like my time with him is fleeting. He will often try to tell me that he has plans with his friends. But this weekend, I am going to have at least one activity planned to do together to ensure I don’t miss an opportunity for bonding.

What are some weekend activities you have had success doing with your teen? How do you handle it when you teen tries to dismiss your invitations? Please share below… we all need ideas!

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