A couple of week’s ago, I wrote a blog post about teens having sex on the beach. In the post, I said I would rather my teens have sex in my house than in a public place. I didn’t realize at the time what a firestorm I would set off.

The blog post was picked up by Lifehacker.   The title of the article was  Would You Let Your Teenager Have Sex in Your House?  

The topic of letting your teen have sex in your home was featured as a hot topic on The View.


Also exciting, Raquel and I debated the topic of letting teens have sex in your home on the radio for Detroit’s 94.7 WCSX.

Here is the podcast from the Class Rock Morning Show:  http://wcsx.com/episodes/the-housecast-8117/

Basically, some people think letting your teen have sex in your home is a terrible thing. I don’t encourage or even give my teenage children permission to have sex in our home. However, I do believe letting my teens have sex in his or her bedrooms is preferable to the idea of my teen having sex in a public place like a park where it could become a safety issue.  I know, some people think parents should advocate for abstinence. I’m more realistic.

The bottom line is that many teens are having sex. It’s just a matter of whether they admit it to their parents and where they do it.

We are planning to devote this week’s #VideoFriday to this topic. What are your thoughts on letting your teens have sex in your home?