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5b350509-d461-4dd4-9a32-0b62261d169dHi! We are Cindy Goodman (raisingteensblogger) and Raquel Alderman (mominthesprings).  As former co-workers, we spent lots of time in each others’ cubicles discussing our daughters’ increasing moodiness or our sons’ inability to put their cell phones down. One day, we decided to turn our experiences into a blog where we could commiserate and connect with other parents of teens.

Between the two of us, we are mothers to five teenagers ranging in age from 13 to 19.  We love our kids but getting to them adulthood has us grappling with our sanity. There seems to be so many worries that parents must deal with in the 21st Century.

When we’re not blogging about our teens, our day jobs keep us busy. Cindy is a nationally distributed newspaper columnist and Raquel is the marketing director of a large hospital system. Our off-hours are spent exercising to look the part of the “fit mom”, chauffeuring our kids around town, and finding time to hang out with family and friends.

Thanks for reading about us! We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I love, love, love your blog and I am aspiring to be you….despite being in the stages of infancy now:) I have a brand new blog- and I would love you just to read an entry or to and offer advice. I al a special education/ technology teacher who is raising a 16 year old daughter- so so many topics you blog about resonate with me!!! Would love your input!!!

    • raisingteensblogger (Cindy)

      March 22, 2017 at 8:29 am

      We would love to share your thoughts on parenting a teen with a reader. Please provide a link to your blog!

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  3. so enjoying reading around you blog and would love to share on you space if that is something you are interested in…. I have a blog with similar ideas !!! Let me know what you think!!


  4. Would your readers be interested in our family project/product? We have raised four very average contributing citizens to present to this world. A true story that I shared with one of my sons inspired us to share a message that is having a positive impact on families across the country. You can read the story and see The Life Compass at http://www.thelifecompass.com. I would like to hear from you if you feel it appropriate for your group.

    Thank you,

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  5. How do I blog and get feedback from other moms on my 17 yr old son?

  6. I am a single mom of a 17 yr old with a father that throws money at parenting. I’ve been single since he was 10 and I have a person that has been in my life for 3 or 4 years and although he comes through at birthdays and Xmas he keeps his distance the rest of the time. It’s because my son is rude to me, disrespectful etc. I’m working on it and now am setting firmer boundaries. I am not a natural disciplinarian but better late than never.He is essentially bored my son with no one to spend time with except friends. No siblings, no family life. I never thought I would be living like this but this is what it’s become.He smokes pot (it could be worse I think) but is craving family. Don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Gwen,

      I think it’s a good start to be more a part of his life. But, speaking from personal experience… at his age, firmer boundaries may have the opposite effect. Is it possible to “quide him from the sidelines”.. just let him know you’re there for him. Maybe start with lunch and letting him tell you about his life little by little. Be careful not to be negative in your responses.

      Also, doing drugs may have a big effect on his behavior too. I work with an addiction hotline. You can get more information about teens using drugs here: http://24houraddictionhelp.org/?s=teen

      Hope that helps a little!

  7. I’ve really enjoyed flicking around your blog this morning – thank you! I run a blog inviting people to send me a postcard of advice for teens and it’s cool to read something targeted from a different perspective. Thanks for the work you’re doing, I’ll definitely be back!

  8. Hello Cindy and Raquel!

    I came across your site, and thought I might offer an idea for you to blog to your audience about! I created an iPhone app called ‘Capsule’ and it allows you to schedule text messages for free. I figure that your audience is trying to figure out ways to reach out to their teenage kids, who I assume are always glued to their phones anyway. A mom could now send her kids reminders when its convenient for her to send, and when it’s convenient for them to receive! If you are interested, I would love to talk to you more and help however I can!

  9. I created a hilarious web series for moms called Real Mommy Confessions. Real confessions from real moms. Each episode is under 2 minutes long so busy moms actually have a chance to watch it from start to finish. This week, we feature a mother of teens. I like your site and I hope you like ours. I’m also hoping you might have some “confessions” of your own that you would like to share. We are lining up more episodes to shoot in March and April. I hope you enjoy it!

    Jennifer Enskat

    By the way, are you on twitter? There are several raising teen handles and I’m not sure which is yours. Ours is @realmommyconfessions


  10. I just recently started a blog about being the mom of two teen boys. I found yours to be very insightful. It is incredibly hard to be the parent of a teenager. I know a lot of times I feel like I am going insane. I am glad to know there are other moms out there writing about similar issues. Thank you

  11. Mother of 16 and 13 year old boys. It’s nice to see others share my challenges :). Glad I found this blog! Just signing up for blog post notifications.

  12. I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this blog! I love reading your posts and getting a sense of the vast needs of parents of teens. I’m a school counselor who works with teens and I’m working on launching my own blog. I would love to further collaborate with you and connect!

  13. Just thought i would pass on something my smarter then I wife discovered. We have total kids 4,, last one a jr in h.s.— lesson learned taking smartphone punished us as well by taking it. AT&T just launched a new phone for safety and young children. spareone.com BUT my wife got it to swap out for the smart phone when they are punished. No texting, no internet, only voice works and its 25.00 for the whole year. Phone is 50.00 and looks like a kids phone. Tracking is thrown in for free!! from the web site you sign up on. Anyway thought it was a great new tool for us parents!! Cheers, always learning from moms..

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